An Italian Adventure

How it all started

In 2008 my Italian adventure began as I bought my Fiat Spider 2000 (CS2) with carburator motor as a 49er model. It was delivered to the US in 1978 and was imported to Germany in 1993. The vehicle was decommissioned in 2005 and re-registered in 2008. The original color was dark red but was repainted in Germany in light red. The plastic beige rooftop was replaced with a new canvas beige rooftop.
The following pictures shows the car in 2008 and 2020.

The adventure is still in progress, so stay tuned for updates.
Addtional pictures can be found


The Fiat 124 Spider CS2 was produced in the model year 1979 (from July 1978 to October 1979). The last models should have been delivered partly already with injection engines. Altogether 16,926 pieces of the CS2 are to have been built, which were supplied all into the USA.
Different 2 liter carburetor engines were used. There was a California model and a 49 model for the remaining 49 states of the USA. The California model still had active exhaust gas recirculation, whereas the 49er model was purely passive. Starting with the 1980 model year, the CS0 was produced with a 2.0 l fuel injected engine.

Registration and value

First registration for my model is July 1, 1979. It was produced in November 1978. As with many other vehicles imported from the USA, the date of first registration was set to 1st of January or 1st of July.
Since July 2, 2009, the vehicle is registered as a classic car.
Current Classic Data prices (2023) for a CS2 ranges from about €14,800 in Condition 2 to about €9,800 in Condition 3.
However, good examples will certainly be valued higher at the moment.

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An Italian Adventure